Things To Do If I Was Hit by a Car While Jogging

Car While Jogging

Jogging is a popular exercise for getting fit! Meeting a car accident while jogging can be a traumatic experience. If you have suffered injuries, you may not know what to do next. In such a condition, you must hire El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers Los Angeles Law Firm. Let us discuss the major steps you must take if you are hit by a car while jogging. Here we go! 

Steps to Take If I Was Hit by a Car While Jogging

1. Get medical attention immediately 

Your health and wellness comes first. You must seek medical assistance soon, even if you feel no visible injuries. Some major injuries, like concussions, do not show any symptoms. If you do not pay attention, they show up in the future and cause major repercussions.

2. Report the accident

Get in touch with the local police enforcement to file a report about the accident. You may explain everything about the incident to the police. It includes: 

  • Time and place of the incident
  • Any pertinent data about the car  
  • Driver involved.
  • Eyewitness 
  • Injuries suffered and more. 

While filing the police report, do not make false statements. 

3. Consult a personal injury lawyer

Hire a personal injury lawyer if you are hit by a car while jogging. These are experienced experts who will investigate the case and collect evidence. Further, they negotiate with the insurance company representatives to gain fair compensation on your behalf. 

4. Collect information 

Get the license plate number of the car, the driver’s contact details, and their insurance information. Exchange your personal contact information With the motorist involved in the collision. Also, get the contact information of any witnesses who could have witnessed the accident happen.

5. Document the entire scene 

Click pictures of the accident scene and the involved car. If there are any visible injuries, capture them as well. If you feel physically fit, you must also click images of the road and other nearby landmarks. These pictures might be very helpful as proof when submitting insurance claims or taking legal action.

Wrapping Up 

Talk with a personal injury lawyer experienced in handling pedestrian accidents. An expert lawyer can help you seek payment for your injuries, medical costs, missed income, and pain and suffering. They can also manage discussions with insurance providers and give you advice on your rights.

After being struck by a car while jogging, you can save your health, obtain crucial evidence, and take the required procedures to pursue justice and compensation for your injuries by following these guidelines.